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      New guy here with a cast iron bell I bought this weekend. The bell in question has no foundry name or markings. The only markings are the “Crystal Metal” on the upright and an upside down “2” on the yoke. The bell is 15 3/8″ wide and 9′ tall, and the upright is 20″ wide. The bell and yoke weigh 44 lbs and the upright is 11 lbs. In the 4th picture you can see what looks like a screw head. There is one on the other arm of the yoke, but the screws do not protrude on the other side. They are flush. In what little information I could find, I’m nervous that it lacks a foundry name, but I’m also glad it is isn’t marked USA. Any information would be appreciated. I’m mainly curious as to its age or if its a newer production. Thank you.

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      Reproductions of farm bells in number 2 size have been made since the late (after 1969) 20th century. This is what you have.

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