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      Dave in Maine writes:

      I’ve got a bell that was used in a fishing camp setting that summoned everyone to meals. It’s brass, is 7″ tall, the bell is 10″ in diameter at it’s opening. The clapper extends down below the bell opening about 3″ and the top of the clapper is a threaded nipple that goes up through the bell and has a large nut on the top.

      I’d like to get a base and (not sure what you call it) bridle? for it. So that I can mount it on a pedestal and have a plaque made up in remembrance for someone. If it pivots, with an arm or if it’s solid with more clearance to work the clapper?

      I need it engraved too. Know anyone that does this stuff?

      Thank you,

      If you can help, please post a response.
      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Dave: Looks like a firetruck or ship bell. Find a photo of a complete farm bell with yoke, cradle, and rope arm at this website or eBay and print it. Take it to a good machine shop and they can design what you need. Two A stands would probably make mounting on a pedestal easier than using a post cradle. I would not engrave the bell.. Have a plate engraved at a trophy shop and mount it on the pedestal.

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      This appears to be a Fire Engine Bell. It can be mounted with a cantilevered bracket from a post or can fabricate an “A” frame to mount it on a flat surface with the bell in the top of the “A”.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Green Grass

      Bells of this nature were supported with a metal flange; the bell was through bolted. A decorative “L” shaped bracket may be bolted into a building with a plaque attached.

      Happy ringing!


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