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      I have an old bell that I have been unable to identify. I am hopeful that you may be able to help with an identification of the maker and possible value.

      I tried to measure the bell, but was unable to get very accurate measurements. Those I did get are as follows:
      Height: 6.5 inches to the shoulder.
      Bottom opening: 8.5 inches across.
      Upper diameter: 4.5 inches.
      Attachment point: 2 inches with .5 inch hole.
      Thickness: roughly .25 inch.
      I have attached a few pictures. I can take more, if needed.

      Thank you for your time and any information you can provide.


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      While looking around the web, I came across a bell that looks very similar, although about a hundred years newer.

      No info on the maker, but maybe a clue ❓

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      This appears to be a bronze ship’s bell with a bronze clapper. It is likely British in origin, based on its style. The symbol in the circle is hard to make out from the photo but appears to have a bird in it and may be the symbol of the steamship line.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thank you for the reply and my apologies for not responding sooner. I haven’t been able to access the internet much lately.
      You ard right about the bird. It appears, to me, to be an eagle with stars in the outer circle. It is worn badly on one side, so it is difficult to see, even up close.

      Thanks again.

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      Hi FSBARAK,

      Really nice looking bell, clean lines. Next time include all the bell including the mounting pad on the top, sometimes that may be a clue. This bell is saying–look at me and find my history. I am not good at U.S. east coast history so look up the date on the net, surprise! Harpers Ferry, etc. Next step, take a look at the emblem, I believe this is an eagle with an anchor background, the flukes are at the talons and the cross piece is above the eagles head all indicating a naval relationship to the bell. Look up civil war emblems on the net.

      The symbols around the emblem, stars? we need to look very, very close at them, how are they deformed? measure them, somehow! compare one to the other. I count 13 and possibly as many as 16. Find out what significance 15/16 means before, during, and after the civil war ( states, ships, naval engagements, the year a naval school started, the year the Dept of the navy started,) etc, you got the idea. I don’t think this was a ships bell, possibly a naval station, or other shore establishment. The .5 inch mounting hole is not very big to support the bell in a high use and high traffic area like there is on shipboard. You have a fun puzzle, good luck hunting.

      Max Kurillo

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      You have some good advice that I never would have thought of. I put the bell away about a month ago and kind of gave up on the search as I was getting nowhere. I reckon I’ll have to dig it out and get after it again. I’ll attempt to get an accurate measurement on the details.
      The search resumes. 😀
      Thank you very much.

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