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      I have recently located in storage a Meneely bell dated 1927. One support bracket was broken. Parts were still in crates. Don’t think it was ever assembled. Not sure if I have everything. Not sure how it all goes together. Have looked at the on line photos – no help. No manual was located. Appreciate any help.

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      The Bell is mounted to the yoke with the clapper attached through the center hole and arranged to swing perpendicular to the plane of the yoke. There may be a gasket that goes between the bell and the yoke. If there are clapper stop springs, they should be attached between the clapper and the bell when you are inserting the clapper and should be aligned perpendicular to the axis of the yoke. Depending on the size of the bell, there could be a single large bolt mounting the clapper, bell, and yoke (smaller bell) or there could be multiple bolts to mount the bell to the yoke (larger bell) with a single center bolt to mount the clapper. There should be 2 “A” Frame Brackets on which the yoke swings. These would need to be mounted to a firm surface spaced so that the “axels” of the yoke would fit into the grooves (bearings) of the “A” Frame Bracket. If there is a wheel, it is probably made of wood and should be attached to the side of the yoke that has a round plate for its attachement. If there is a tolling clapper, this should be mounted beneath the bell so that it will contact the bell on the inner sound bow but mounted low enough so as not to get bound by the bell if the bell is swung in the “A” frame brackets. If you are missing parts, you will need to obtain them or have them fabricated before assembly. Your broken “A” frame bracket will need to be repaired or replaced before mounting. Welding or Bronze Brazing will usually suffice unless the damage is extensive.

      If you are missing many parts, you might want to contact the Verdin Company in Cincinnati, OH. They restore many bronze bells, but this could be a bit costly.
      Harry Long, MD

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