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      Hello all! This is my first post here, and I know nothing of bells.

      My family and I own some run down, turn of the century style cabins near a river in north Jersey. For some time now I have thought about how nice an old style cast iron farm bell might look. One of the ones with a yoke that can turn when you pull the rope.

      A week ago a very important familly member passed away. She was the head of the family more or less, and pretty much the person that found us these cabins some 60 years ago.

      I am now thinking about how nice it would be to buy a nice bell, and have a plaque made in honor of this fine family member to celebrate her life, and preserve her memory. For some reason a bell has a certain dignified feel to it. Its something solid and prestigious that will stand the test of time.

      Now, our familly is a bit low income, so money is an issue here. What I am looking for is a bell around 12″ that can be had in the $200 range. I found one on the internet, but i figured if I asked some professionals you all could tell me if the bell is any good, or point me in the direction to a better one for the price.

      This is the bell I found while searching online and is relatively the style of bell I am looking for.


      Are these bells any good? Is there something else I should be looking at? Id love to have a bell up and ready to go for the soon aproaching Memorial day weekend if possible, so I am not looking to do a lengthy restoration right now…. allthough i could be persuaded to do so if there is really a huge difference in quality between something like this and a vintage bell.

      Well, thats all for now. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I am eagerly waiting to hear what you all have to say!



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      Joe: I think you would be disappointed in one of these new bells. They don’t come close to the sound quality of the old ones in my opinion. Don’t set a deadline and give yourself time to locate one priced at what you want to spend. Perhaps you will find a larger one than 12 inches. Be sure there are no missing parts and that the bell itself is not cracked. Sometimes the yoke and/or cradle has been repaired but there are still plenty of bells available undamaged and complete.

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      The problem is that I dont really know the diferance between a good bell and a poor one. Bells like this just dont pop up at garage sales here in Jersey, and using ebay for something like this would be a shot in the dark really. I would hate to shell out a good bit of money on Ebay for the bell and shipping, only to find out something is wrong with it when i get it.

      What makes older bells better, and have you actually heard these particular new bells in person or are you just assuming that “they dont make things like they used to”? (Which is usually a fine assumtion as 9/10 times its the truth). But this company claims to own, and be using original 1886 C.S. Bell Co. patterns for their bells. So what would make these bells not as good as the originals?

      Thanks for your reply!

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      Yes, I’ve heard the replicas. I gave you my best advice. You might try dealers in Pa. Being an agriculture state there were a lot of farm bells used.

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      Greetings from Prindle Station Bells,
      We have the Farm Bell line from the C.S. Bell Co and we have continued to use the 1886 patterns since 1992. Our bells are made from the original patterns, not replicas from newly made patterns. This is the first and only time we have heard that our bells are inferior to the bells made by the original C.S. Bell foundry. We do not think our bells are of lesser quality and our customers have been pleased with their purchase of an iron bell. We are very fussy about our alloy of metals that give the pleasant and far reaching ring tone that made C.S. Bell Co bells the largest seller of iron bells. We do not have a recording of the ring tones on our site; but, we would welcome the opportunity when we have a recording device that would represent the tone. We do not know where Jackbell received his information and we hope that Joe is successful in finding an iron bell. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to let Jackbell and Joe know that Prindle Station Bells are made from original patterns with a rich and far reaching tone.
      Sandra Wilson
      Prindle Station Bells
      P.O. Box 347
      22 Prindle Road
      Washougal, WA 98671

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