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      Our church has a 17″ bronze bell that we believe was taken from a train originally.
      On the inside of the bell is 12-285-C
      on the base is 12-321
      on the handle is 12-322
      on the top is 12-323

      inside the bell is Indianopolis Trans devices – [this is on the ringer]

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      Lisa: It’s possible you have a brass bell that was donated from a scrapped locomotive. Please post a photo.

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      Here are pics.
      Thank you for your help.

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      Willie B. Herd

      I believe it’s a RR bell also, looks like it has a compressed-air actuated (pneumatic) ringer, (clapper) as well as the inside clapper. Indianapolis Trans Devices is a good place to start- the numbers on the Yoke and Cradle are casting #’s, and may help….and the #’s on the inside of the Bell most likely are also. (Look for a # stamped into top of bell, this would be the engine # the Bell came off of.)

      Also, try these websites for more info….railroadiana.org for Locomotive Bells, Lanterns, info, etc. Also has a search feature for names of RR lines.

      bellsandbirmans.com Mostly Locomotive, he also buy and sells bells…also sells yokes, cradles, spare parts, etc. Polishing services offered. EXTENSIVE INFO. ON ELECTRO-MOTIVE DIVISION LOCOMOTIVE BELL IDENTIFICATION

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      This is a railroad bell. It looks like the bell has been painted rather than leaving it to its natural polished brass finish. The steel bracket needs paint but the bell should be left with a natural finish.
      Harry Long, MD

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      This is a front-mount steam locomotive bell. That is, it was mounted on the front of the engine, rather than on the top of the boiler as was traditional for most engines. This would make it a larger type locomotive that it adorned. Because of the position, a bell rope would not be satisfactory and a pneumatic ringer was fitted. It is not possible to identify the railroad or engine. It seems that most bells had no such identifying marks. Nice bell!

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