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      Hello. I am afraid I am new to bells. I love this bell left to me by my mother. It is about 5 inches tall.
      And the saying around it is this, “VOCFM MEAM AUDIT DU ME”. If you could help me identify it, I would be so grateful. I also have the extension that use to hold it to outside wall by the back door. It is not cleaned up so it is dull, and it has a dent. I wish I had know about it, but you know how it is. I found it being used as a door stopper.
      Help is appreciated.

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      Dear Pam,

      If you go to the top of any page on the “Bell Talk” forum and look at the right-hand side of the top section, you will see a box that says “Search” in it. If you put “vocem meam audit” in the box and click on “Search” (or press your return key), you will see a page that comes up and tells you where you can find other postings on this forum that have to do with this type of bell. There are 15 postings for you to look through.

      Good luck!

      Admin (Carolyn)

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