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      Ed C. has a special bell that never had a clapper. He says:

      I have a miniature replica of the Liberty Bell. I love having it but it is missing it’s clapper. The bell size is 5 inches high by 6 inches across the bell mouth. I will truly appreciate your letting me know if or where I can get a replacement clapper. I can tell you this bell was one of about 200 made by Techtron Casting company in Culver City, California in 1975. They were sold for about $300.00 apiece as centennial celebration items in 1976. My brother-in-law, one of Techtron’s owners had this extra bell left over as a spare. It was never needed so not completed with a clapper. I made the mounting from sketches I made of the original when it was on display in Los Angeles at the museum. I would like very much to complete it with an authentic looking clapper.
      Thanks again for your help

      If you can help, please post a response.
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      The best bet would be to check the Techtron records for specifications. If they have no clappers remaining, you may be able to get a duplicate cast if you have the original specs. Another possibility would be to borrow a clapper from somone with a similar bell that could be used as a pattern to cast a new clapper.
      Good luck.
      Harry Long, MD

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