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      Bill in Pennsylvania writes us:

      We are looking for a bell for a 1919 AutoCar firetruck. The bell a 12 inch diameter bell and we believe the original hangs in the firehouse in State College, PA. Its chrome over brass. Can anyone advise if another can be obtained, or who can cast a copy from the borrowed original. If we have to cast, is the bell just brass, or some conbination of brass and other metals? Does the casting have to be machined or just polished?

      If you can help, please post a response.

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      Because of the age of the fire engine and the rare manufacturer, it will be difficult to find an identical bell. You might try . Bob Brosamer has a variety of fire engine bells in his inventory. If you are to get a reporduction cast, you would need to have the original sent to a founder to make a mold and then a cast brass ore bronze bell would be made. It would need to be machined and polished and then sent to a chrome plating company to get it chrome plated. The cost would be considerable, but you could get a reasonable facsimile of the original.
      Harry Long, MD

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