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    My mom gave me a bunch of brass bells that her mom had.ni have no information on them. I do not even know where to start to gather information on them.

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    Thank you for any information

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    Carolyn Whitlock

    Hi, hebronkim,

    Suggestion #1 – Join the American Bell Association. Not only will you get a bi-monthly magazine filled with articles about bells, you’ll get access to free copies of all kinds of bells delivered to your email inbox upon request! If you go to americanbell.org/resources, you find many pages of titles of articles about bells. However, you must be an ABA member in order to receive these articles.

    Suggestion #2 – A good place to start identifying your bells is on online auction sites such as eBay. Do a search for brass bells and see if you can find any like the ones you have.

    Suggestion #3 – Use your computer’s search engine to look for images of brass bells. Often times you’ll get descriptions of bells and information about them.

    Suggestion #4 – Post pictures of your most unusual bells on this forum and ask if anyone can give you information about them.

    Good luck!

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