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      Hello -the very attractive bell , but can’t find any information about it. If anyone can give me some idea of the history, value etc of this bell it would be much appreciated.

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      She’s a beauty.

      Her clothing looks like late Louis XVI or early Victorian. The skirts were rounder and the bustles more prominent in Victorian times as the overly wide Louis-era skirts went out of fashion. Keep in mind that not all bells accurately depict historical fashions. Lady bell artists will sometimes choose what they like from different periods and combine them.

      Her features aren’t distinct enough to know if it’s a specific person. It’s not Jennie Lind and I would hesitate to say it’s Madame Pompadour. It may be a generic Victorian lady bell.

      Is it silver? It’s hard to tell from the picture. Does it have any hallmarks?

      Even if it’s not silver, it’s a lovely design and not a common one, and the details are good. Do you have any idea if it’s a recently manufactured bell or an old one?

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      Peggy L.

      As an avid collecter of female figural bells, I can just offer what I know. By the picture you can not tell whether it is silver or not. You very seldom find a silver bell, usually brass. One way to check on age is to look on the inner part of the bell and see if there is marks of the clapper on the sides. Usually if it is new it will be unmarked, older you will see the markings on sthe insides. Also on the outside it will show patina, which is formed during aging also people make the mistake of trying to clean them..Last month on ebay one very much like this was up for bids. Check ebay on “brass figural bells, and watch for one like this, there are sights that are on there with bells much lie this, if not on there now, there will be in the future. I use this to be a great learning experience. You will find that age and size, do not necessarily show what value is. It is a lot of fun, just looking. Peggy L.

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