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      I have a CS Bell with the markings New York 1886 3 Hillsboro o., Silver 3 Steel. The Upright inner dimension where the bell rests is 16 ¼” and the mounting plate is 6” wide. I believe the bell is 18” diameter.

      I am looking for a new Upright or a way to fix the one I have. The Upright broke on the curve. Is this a repairable break by welding?

      Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

      Mark Whitlock
      Barrington, IL

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      Neil Goeppinger

      It can be brazed or torch welded with cast iron rod, but either way the whole cradle must be heated first or it will just keep cracking next to the weld or braze. I’d take it to someone who does cast iron welding. They will be much easier to find than a replacement cradle with exactly the same dimensions. If you can’t get it fixed, I have some mounting arms which are a two piece arrangement and you vary the distance between them with the size of the post, plus spacers. They were expensive for what they are, but they do solve a problem on occasion. — Neil

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      Prindle Station Bells, has a #3 upright made from C.S. Bell Company 1886 patterns. We have had so many request for this upright that we dusted off the pattern about 2 years ago. Until then there were no replacement uprights available. Now, our #3 upright will be a perfect fit for your yoke and bell. We also have cranks, clappers also. Our patterns are original to the C.S. Bell Co and we are very proud to continue the manufacture of C.S. Bell Company Bells, using the 1886 patterns.
      Sandra Wilson
      Prindle Station Bells

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      Neil Goeppinger

      If Prindle Station is making exact replicas of the originals, that is certainly the way to go for your problem. That’s good news.
      — Neil

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