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      Recent find is a Naylor Vickers steel bell, stands 15″ with original donger. Doesn’t sound to bad either.

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      Thank you for sharing the picture. We, in the states know about Naylor Vickers steel bells, but most of us have not seen a bell. This is quite helpful and I appreciate your posting the picture.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Could we have a photo of the inscription on the other side, please?
      What is the diameter? and the weight? and in what part of the world was it found?

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      Carl thanx for the interest. This bell has no other markings only the patent number as the picture shows. The bell weight is 20 KG and the mouth opening is 14inch’s. I live in Melbourne, Australia and picked it up locally off a gentleman who had it for 25 years hanging outside as a garden feature. I have previously listed a larger Naylor Vickers bell in bell talk but unfortunatley with that bell as you may have seen in the pics that the inscription around the bell has corroded away. I am always on the look out for bells and advertise locally for them. Surprisingly enough I have come across a lot of bells and have even saved some from the scrap metal yard, thankfully.

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      That’s not a patent number – it’s a serial number. Naylor Vickers was one of only a few bell founders who numbered the bells which they produced. (Two others are Gillett & Johnston and Petit & Fritsen.)

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