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      National Carillon Museum in Asten

      Royal Eijsbouts
      P.O. Box 2
      NL – 5720 AA Asten
      The Netherlands
      Phone: +31 (0)493-691445
      Fax: +31 (0)493-693300
      http://www.eijsbouts.com/index.php?page=main.php?id=86309&real_id=86309 (click on the British flag for English translation)

      It will not come as a surprise that, in addition to its bell-foundry, Asten also boasts a bell or rather a carillon museum. In the National Carillon Museum you can familiarise yourself with pro­ducts that Eijsbouts has been manufac­turing for so many years. The collecti­on includes historical bells from the surrounding region and supreme rare examples from foreign and distant cultures. The museum houses a complete carillon and a unique collection of tower clocks. The technique of moul­ding and casting bells is presented in a readily understandable manner. http://www.eijsbouts.com/index.php?page=main.php?id=51816&real_id=51816

      Thanks go to John Euchus for bringing this to our attention. John will be posting more information and pictures of his visit soon.

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