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      Angel in Louisiana writes:

      I have an old, large steel bell that has National Bell Foundry Company CINO across the top. I was wondering if you could tell me something about this bell. I want to paint it with a patriotic theme. Thanks in advance for any information you can give me. Angel

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      Hi, Angel. Tonight I was researching just such a bell here in north central Idaho. This was originally a school bell in Oregon and the Nat’l. Bell Foundry Co. in Cinn., OH, was in business and cast it between 1901 and 1921, I’ve read. Someone painted a patriotic message on the upper end of one side of the bell itself (something including “Let Freedom Ring” that I needed better light to decypher. I plan on seeing this bell again relatively soonish, have kept this link and will post what I discover once we’ve removed the bell from the back of an outside shop-shed. I hope I don’t get a demerit for being a tease. *he grins* -David

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