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      Any idea how to date this one?
      It’s a different Napoleon bell with his body up to the top of the legs as the handle and an ornamental skirt below.
      The mounting for the clapper is a bar mounted across the inside.

      The scroll work leads me to believe french design, which fits.


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      Why Napoleon? Yes, the jacket appears to be 1800’s military. However, the hand is NOT in the jacket. It does seem to be on a sword hilt. That tucked hand seems to be a common definition of Napoleana…recognized in comic sketches AND portraits. Could just as easily be Lord Nelson, etc. from this bell?

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      Good observation!

      I too looked at that. But my understanding was that the ‘hand in the jacket’ was due to an intestinal ailment he had later on in his life. The pressure he was applying apparently helped alleviate the pain. So it is entirely possible to have earlier ones with out the ‘typical’ hand in the jacket pose.

      Also the English adopted the ‘fore and aft’ style of wearing the hat, the French did the ‘side to side’ form. It’s possible that the figure is Nelson, but the details seem out for that too, then.

      I know I have seen this one in my books, but think I can find it right now? –< sigh >– 😥

      I ‘think’ from the mounting bar of the clapper, that this is a fairly old bell. Later bells (and correct me if I am wrong please!) used staples then screwed in eye bolts. The ‘bar across the top’ method would appear to be much more labor intensive and indicative to me of an early bell when labor was cheap.

      I’ll keep looking!

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      Joan Elliott

      Hi Garry

      I have a similar bell, and have always thought the character to be Wellington who fought Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.


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      I would agree that this is probably Wellington. Napoleon is usually depicted with a different style hat and with his hand in his coat. These bells are commonly sold in Belgium at Waterloo and in Brussels.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Thanks Harry and Joan
      Expert comments again! Much appreciated.

      I wasn’t “married” to the idea that this was Napoleon, it’s only what the seller told me. I’ll research Wellington now as it seems to be the predominant suggestion. I haven’t seen a lot of his bells around.


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      Identity inconclusive in my opinion given the shoddy features of this low quality bell. BUT, see post “Napoleon Bell” last updated Sat, Apr 18 2009. Hand in jacket was common stylistic device of portrait painters of that period, not confined to Napoleon. See portrait of Wellington in similar pose in above reference. I agree with Harry, probably Belgian Waterloo souvenir. If so, Nelson already dead 10 years, no connection.

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