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      Bells and bell collecting occupy a considerable part of my life. I love them both. But my love of books is older. It’s almost as old as I’m myself. The first five years don’t count though as I couldn’t read. My love of bells is much younger. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not fully developed. Books and bells are just different. And now they are wonderfully mixed up.
      I am very glad that my idea has been embodied in this bell. 2.6 x 2” diameter x 4.3” in height, underglaze coloring, overglaze painting, gold. The master is Tatyana Slobodchikova (Russia).
      Here are two signs: Tatyana’s as the master and mine as the author of the design.
      I wanted Tatyana to make a handle in the shape of an ink-pot with a quill. It appeared in the Middle Ages preceded by the reed pen that might well have been used for writing since about 3000 BC. So a huge number of masterpieces of world literature were created with this implement.

      I named the bell “A Pile of Books”. It doesn’t stand together with its mates. I keep it on my desk so that it’s always visible and gives me inspiration for my work. I now use a small image of the bell as an avatar at the beginning of my stories related to literature.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      What a fabulous idea, Larissa! It’s so unique and colorful! Tatyana did a superb job of making your idea for a bell become a reality! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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      Tatyana is one of my favorite masters. She is absolutely unique! I’m planning to show more bells of unusual shapes made by her in future issues of the Bell Tower. Hope that my plans will be fulfilled.

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