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      New to the forum and was looking fo some informtation. My grandfather owns a very large steamboat bell that he purchased on the 1960s (along with the boat that it was attached to). He is over 80 now and is moving to a smaller place and is thinking of selling the bell. It is very large and weighs over a ton. There is some information about the bell on it as you can see in the photos and he was told when he got the bell that it was cast with “300 silver dollars” in the cast/mix. It was apparently cast by the A. Fulton & Sons Co. in Pittsburgh for the Steamer Oakland in 1872. I have no idea of the value and were looking for some information or leads.



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      Andrew Fulton was a founder of steam whistles, bells, and bronze fittings for steamboats on the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers. The foundry was located in Pittsburgh, PA. The earliest bells were small and labeled “Cast By A. Fulton” and were somewhat crudely cast. These were probaly used on Pennsylvania Canal Boats. Later they were labeled A. Fulton & Sons, subsequently A. Fulton Sons. The later bells had a characteristic crown. These are highly desirable bells and the elaborate yoke and bracket of yours is rather unique and should add to its value. Very fine bells were cast for schools, city halls, firehouses, as well as the river boat bells.The largest bell cast by them was a Fire Bell that was reported to be so loud that it created traffic jams when rung. It currently resides with the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society.
      Harry Long, MD

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