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      My presentation for October is a table bell which does not seem to be very special.
      For me it is. One reason is that it is a bell with a man`s head which is rather unusual
      since in most cases figural bells are mostly showing different types of women. Secondly it is a
      bell that I have never seen before during my long collector`s life.

      The bell came to me recently via an Ebay auction from Russia and it could be a bell of
      Russian origin.

      Should anyone of you have more information on this bell I would appreciate
      to hear from you.


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      Carolyn Whitlock


      As usual, your “Bell Object for the the Month of” has taken away my breath!

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful bells with us! They are spectacular!

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      In the meantime I received an interesting feedback from several ABA members on my bell of the month.
      Amazing how far bells can take us…. We are in the splendid “Park of Sanssouci” around 1780 and visit
      the Chinese Tea House which many of you know of course.

      Maybe the bell artist who created “my bell” got his idea from here. Furthermore the first photo shows
      a similar bell with a different head but obviously coming out of a series of bells showing different
      Chinese or Mongolian male sculptures. Thanks to Alan and Larissa for photos and information.

      If this was a series of bells there should be still more hidden in other collections.


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