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      The beauty of collecting things is among others that over the years one also collects a lot of memories. For example when I look at my choice for November – a push bell button in form of a tiny elephant – I go back in my memories several years ago when strolling the streets of Paris. In a typical shop in Clignancourt I saw this elephant through a shop window. Unfortunately the shop had already closed and I had to go back there the next day. A missing tusk on one side gave me a chance to negotiate with the seller a very reasonable price. On my return to Germany I replaced the missing tusk carefully carved from a match and my new aquisition looked perfect again and was fully accepted by the other elephants already in my collection as you can see from the photo attached.


      Hope you enjoy my choice and I am sure you made similar experiences with your own collection.

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      Thats very nice one ! 🙂

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