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      For JUNE I present one of my favorite LADY BELLS.

      This bell has a speciality I have never seen in others.
      She can move her arms with the fan which may come in
      handy on a warm summer day.

      The young lady also has a beautiful face and she will
      accompany us for the next 4 weeks on our dining table.

      [attachment=2:dfbl3y83]006-001.JPG[/attachment:dfbl3y83] [attachment=1:dfbl3y83]004-001.JPG[/attachment:dfbl3y83][attachment=0:dfbl3y83]002-001.JPG[/attachment:dfbl3y83]

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      Another bell with moveable arm – a tap bell.

      Pressing the tap makes it appear that the boy is pulling a wire to ring the bell.

      Actually, pressing the tap moves the clapper and wire toward the bell, allowing gravity fall of the arm.
      When the clapper is restored to rest position, the wire pivots the arm back to its upright position.

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