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      This is the story of a collector`s dream come true. Many of you know that I am very fond of the Austrian sculptor PETER TERRESZCZUK. I even made an extensive research on him and published several years ago a booklet giving details of his life and the beautiful art work he created in Vienna. As a bell collector I have always been fascinated by the bell objects he created. The combination of bronze and ivory of his charming children presentations have hardly been reached by other sculptors. I have always been looking for new pieces but they are so hard to find. However recently I was very lucky to find the object here now presented as my bell object for April. It appeared one day on an Ebay side without many details – just as a sculpture by Tereszczuk. Nobody but me seamed to have noticed it and that was my chance. Therefore I am happy to present you this young couple from the country side going perhaps on a Sunday morning to church. I guess many of you have had similar experiences in your treasure hunt for the items you are looking for. It would be nice to hear your story of your special find.




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