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      This month I would like to bring to the attention of all ABA friends
      this special table bell with incredible details of life in the country
      site. The handle is the end of a tree in which a little boy is
      going after a squirrel. The bell body gives many details of life
      in a village. Farm house, bell tower, animals and their guardien –
      its all there.

      A copy of this bell is part of the collection in the Hermitage Museum
      in St. Petersburg.

      For further details you may also go to my own website:


      There you may also see my new findings / aquisitions in 2011.

      Double click on each image for a better and larger view.


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      Hi Manfred,

      Nice bell. Other than yours and the one on the Hermitage website, I have not seen another copy.

      I have a figural marriage with a similar theme, though the handle and base are not as well coordinated as yours. The handle was from a broken letter opener, and shows a boy and a goat that have climbed a tree. The base is an oasis scene and would normally have a man standing guard under a palm tree, but that handle was missing.


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