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      My presentation for May is one of my favorites. It is a push bell
      made in Austria by Peter TERESZCZUK around 1910.

      As a model he may have used again one of his charming twin

      Note that the little girl is holding a table bell in her hands.

      An interesting piece of art created at the time when
      “electric” bells came into fashion.


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I just love seeing your bells, Manfred! I wasn’t even aware of bell pushes until you started posting on this forum! Is there a chance that you could either write an article about the for The Bell Tower (with pictures, of course) or post more information about them on the “Bell Talk” Forum? I’d like to know more about how they were used, where they were mounted (I presume some were on table tops and others seem to hang from a cord or something).

      I’ve noticed that a lot of bell pushes are showing up on that popular online auction site these days. They are too expensive for me to buy but they sure are beautiful pieces of art!

      Thanks for your many postings on the forum!


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      Hi Carolyn,

      originally I started collecting the traditional table bells. When I got interested in bells by Peter Tereszczuk I saw my first push bell and it was the beginning of my push bell collection. Unfortunately they are much more difficult to find and as you said they are sometimes a little expensive. But that also applies to special table bells! You may know that I even published a documentation on push bells several years ago. If you are interested I can send you a copy (of course free of charge). Since I have more copies left I could also mail a small number for an auction in a future ABA convention as a donation from my part.

      I am not sure if you have seen the development on my website recently. I show there photos of most push bells in my collection including my latest aquisitions.

      Two of my favorites will be included here in order to keep you and others interested in the subject.

      When I have a little more time I will consider your suggestion for an article in the BELL TOWER.

      Spring-time greetings from old Germany



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