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      I have a collection of about 300 bells ,Brass china and of course glass.
      I started off with just one bell.I have collected quite a few Royal bells.
      I have two bells which I believe to be over 100 years old,one is smaller than the other I believe they were from the shire horses but I do ot know anything aout my collections except one bell,and I only found out by chance with that one.I bought it from a car boot sales and it was clear class except words on the front of it “Bells Direct” I so happened to come over the website for the insurance company bell direct apparently the bells were made for the people who worked for the company as a gift celebrating their anniversary I know there was only 20 made and I got the one lol,I would dearly love to fid out more about my collection
      Unfortunatly this is the only site I can find as there does not seem to be any British sites to help me.is there any where on the web I can find out about my bells?
      Oh thank you to the site owner for letting me become a member

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      Hi Margaret, The members of the ABA are always happy to help people to learn about their collections and bells in general. The best way is to post photographs of bells that you want to know about.

      Congratulations and Welcome, Bill

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      Thank you bill I shall have to go up the loft where I have all my brass bells there is one bell on this site that looks awfull like one of my brass ones so i know a little more of that one.my favourite bells at the moment are my royaly collection china and class.ranging from the queen mother commeraing her 80th birthday sadly she is now gone bless her. have a crystal cut glass bell of charles and diana that one is especially beautifu.but i have loads of others ceramic lady bells and my sister bought me a bell which she told me was worth about £30 as itis a Jersey cow again ceramic I shall take photos of these and post as soon as possible but thank you for your nice welcome 😆

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      Ron Weaver

      May I suggest that you contact Ian Bell of the United Kingdom who is the current chairman of the Bell Collectors of the British Isles. This chapter of the American Bell Association holds meetings in March/April and September/October and its members hae been to several of our national conventions. Ian can be reached by calling +44 1905 426881 or you can e-mail the chapter at bellbcbi@aol.com.

      If you are interested in joining our association please post me your mailing address at: abaii@earthlink.net and I will be glad to send you a package about our organization.


      Ron Weaver
      Membership chairman, ABAII

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      Joan Elliott

      I don’t know if you are aware of Bell Collectors of the British Isles. We are a small group of bell enthusiasts who meet twice a year in different locations to share our enthusiasm. We collect, research, ring, dust and enjoy bells.

      On 29/30 September we will be visiting Worcester, and our draft itinerary includes … a tour of the Cathedral and bells, visiting some other unique churches in the area to view their bells, visit to Royal Worcester Porcelain Factory, a short meeting when we plan future visits and each member brings a bell related to a chosen theme. The theme for the weekend will be – Worcester Bells.

      If you would like some further information about the group, I’d be happy to send it to you, and of course you will be welcome to join us in Worcester.

      Best wishes
      Joan (Elliott)
      Bell Collectors of the British Isles

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