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      Here are my pictures. I would appreciate knowing approximate value and also how to clean and get it ready to sell.

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      Peter Hyde


      I don’t think that the word ‘value’ for your bell has any meaning. It is a one off. But first of all is it bronze? That is what a similar bell in the UK would have been made of. The cost today of a new bronze one that size would be many, many thousands of pounds or dollars. So if a public agency could make use of it for a project and transport it to their site it could fetch a good price if the bell is in good condition. Rich collectors might fight for it at a public auction, and that might bring a good price. You could take your chances on Ebay and perhaps protect yourself by setting a suitable reserve. But again, I have no basis for suggesting what that should be.
      As for cleaning and restoration there is advice elswhere on this website under repair, restoration etc. But remember some buyers prefer to do their own restoration.
      If I was in your position I would seek advice from the most reputable local auctioneer that you could get to. They will consult a specialist and give you some options. If they don’t offer you any encouraging advice I would simply stick it on Ebay and take what comes. At least you would get rid of it. Do an Ebay search on church bells – completed items. You can get some idea of what has been around recently.

      Let us know what you decide and the outcome.


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      Mr. Hyde,

      Thank you so much for your prompt response and advice. Everyone here locally that have looked at the bell says it is bronze. I suppose I need to get a metal expert to tell me this for sure. Thank you for the advice about the accuctioneer, I know a couple here close and will contact them.

      I have been to Germany twice (visit family) but have never been to England, how exciting that would be!

      Thanks again for your time and advice, I need all I can get.


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