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      The sizes of these range from 6″ tall with an opening of 5 3/4″ down to 2 1/2″ tall with a 2 1/2″ opening.

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      Interesting bell set.

      I was doing some research on another bell and tacked yours onto my efforts as I suspected they were from the same Country. The style of bell is from the Switzerland area, typically around the German and French border lands, as that seems to be where most of that form are produced. They come in French/Swiss/German/Austrian variants. What’s unusual about yours is that they don’t seem to have symbols that are clearly attributable to one country or the other, but rather forms, at least some of which, are from/found in the others.

      I got in contact with a nice lady named Marlene, who deals with metal manufacturers in Switzerland. From one of these a Mrs. Kern recognized the bells. “She (Mrs. Kern) thinks is from a bell maker from the French speaking part of Switzerland, but unfortunately this bell maker has closed his enterprise last year.”

      Unfortunately we did not get the name of the Defunct Bell Maker that Mrs. Kern had in mind.

      Marlene also reports that bell manufacturing in Switzerland is on the decline. There aren’t many makers left, sadly.

      Hope this helps!

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      Thank you! As newbies to this forum, we’re impressed with the knowledge members so willingly share.

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