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      Hello, I am posting in hopes that someone can supply information concerning my bell. The bell came from the Presbyterian Home for Widows and Single Women. The original building is Oct. 15 1872, and the building was dedicated Oct. 15 1874. That information can be obtained from a google search. Some talk says it is a train bell. The bell was used to call the ladies that live there to dinner. I have no idea when the bell arrived at the Home. My son worked there at the home, and in about 1985, the bell was removed from an outside location, cleaned up, then used as a donation bell to raise funds to purchase a three story elevator. The bell then went into storage. In the late 90’s the home went into a tearing down and building up. I purchased this bell in 1999. The bell now lives in my basement.

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      Peter Hyde

      You have done a great job with the photos. Let’s hope someone can help.

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