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      Hello All,

      I posted a while back and didn’t receive any responses (only one response that requested more information). Sorry to repost, but I’d sure appreciate some info.

      Please help if you know anything about this bell or similar bell. I am included more detailed photos. There does NOT appear to be any identifying mark on the bell. Either on the inside or outside. I can’t find any manufacturer name, initials, etc.
      It looks like an executioner to me–an executioner’s mask, or someone awaiting execution wearing a hood, which makes me think it has to do with the French revolution or something medieval. But I’m not sure!

      I think the bell is brass. But I’m not sure either.


      Thank you all so much!

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Sunset’s original posting can be found at viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4712.

      My guess (and that’s all this is) is that this is a souvenir bell to commemorate a visit to an area known for its prison where executions were done. It does not look like an old bell and is quite crudely cast so I would not think this is a “high end” bell. The inside of the bell does not show a lot of wear. But, then, this is not a bell that would be used every night to summon the servants to the dinner table!

      Having said that, it certainly is a unique bell and makes for a great conversation piece! Enjoy it!


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      I agree with Carolyn. The thin wall of the bell and the clapper molded to a wire indicates a relatively modern bell. The engraving around the skirt of the bell suggests East Indian origin. I do not know what the figure represents.
      Harry Long, MD

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