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      These first two are from the Macaque Island at the Milwaukee Zoo. A railroad bell was installed
      for their possible entertainment, but Carol R. (zoo volunteer) tells me they have slight interest.

      The one on the left is one of my ‘homebrew’ marriages, of a monkey that probably began as a candle holder but now sports a side-strike tap bell, 10″ (25 cm). It was in my office for many years, popular with children of all ages.

      This is a cousin of the triplets, the fourth and infrequently seen -“Smoke no Evil.”
      From the Anselm Lange bell collection, Austrian, cold-painted bronze, 7 cm.

      The next is not mine (wish it were) but comes from the collection of the Hermitage Museum (Russia. Mid-19th century. Cast bronze, chased, gilded and patinated, 12.6 x 7.6 cm), supposedly a commentary on Napoleon’s ill-advised jaunt to Russia. From the shape of the head, it appears that it might be a nodder. The museum text reads:
      The bear, seated on a luxurious tasselled cushion that stresses his regal status holds a struggling monkey dressed in a skirt and a lace collar across his knees. The bear has pulled aside the monkey’s skirt and is whipping it with a birch. An open book lies alongside them. The subject was probably borrowed from a political cartoon of the first half of the 19th century. The bear was as a rule associated with Russia; the monkey with Napoleon, and later with France.

      Must be more monkey bells out there, so send ’em in, and
      Keep on Researchin’…….

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