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      ovidiu oana

      The first photo present some Aztec gold bells with nice patina.

      The next is a Gold bell Mixtec/Aztec found in Vera Cruz, Mexico and cast ; c. 1200Ð1521
      [see photo2]
      This bell may depict the patron of fire known as Xiutecuhtili to the Aztecs and Iha Ndikandii to the Mixtecs of Oaxaca. Bearded, and displaying two fangs, the deity wears an elaborate headdress and carries a shield and atlatl. Bells like this were worn by individuals of high status in Aztec and Mixtec society.
      Mixtec gold pieces typically have movable parts, such as suspended bells that strike each other and sound when the wearer moves.

      The last picture present Mixtec cast gold bells from Tehuantepec, Mexico and located in National Museum of the American Indian Washington D.C.

      Some other precolumbian bells you can see in my collection:|
      – Aztec monkey bell
      – Aztec cooper spiral bell

      Wish you a nice weekend!

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