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      I am looking for any information on this bell, or where I can get any information. It is my uncles bell and we are trying to find out where it came from, he found it in the 60’s in California.
      I came here and saw the other post, my bell is smaller about 3 inches tall and has star like symbol on its side.
      The Calif Bell company says it is not one of theirs. I can find nothing on it in library or books, have tried contacting the museum in Santa fe, but no response.
      Same inscription as mission bell at San Miguel in Santa Fe New Mexico. Except says “Rogad” instead of “Ruega” Any help will be appreciated.

      Thank You
      I have pics I can email if interested (but no url, sorry)

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      This is a special bell that was sold at San Miguel Church in Santa Fe New Mexico from about 1950-1970. What foundry cast them is still being researched. 😕 A larger version was cast by the Forbes company called Bells and California Mission Souveirs about 1920-1940 😉 Both are very collectable 😀 Just ran of of letters on my keyboard, by by 😥

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