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      Carolyn Whitlock

      I have been inventorying my collection of Bell Towers and find there are some issues missing. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can tell me whether or not these were printed. I have asked Kathleen Collins if she can help me and, unfortunately, she can’t.

      Were the following issues printed?

      May 1972
      April 1973
      July and August 1973
      December 1973
      May 1974
      August & September 1974
      May 1975
      July 1975
      September 1976
      August & September 1985
      August 1987

      Hopefully, someone out there will have an inventory and be able to tell me without having to spend a lot of time going through the issues.

      Many thanks.

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      Carolyn >> I think I have I rather complete set of issues prior to 1986 and, if it is a complete set, it also does NOT include the months you seek.

      Note I said “if complete” as I have never seen a master list of issues so there could be gaps in my set as well.

      I can’t respond to the last one on your list.

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Thanks, Bob!

      As far as I know, there is no “master list” of Bell Towers. But having said that, I have not checked with ABA Historian, Leonard Hill, to see if he might have one among the archives.

      I figured if anyone would have one, it would be the Collins family but, upon asking, I learned that there often wasn’t time left to organize a library of Bell Towers or to make a record of all the issues after getting out the new Bell Tower! It’s too bad but no one has the right to complain! The Collins family did a super-human job of editing, printing, and mailing for all those years! I don’t know how they did it year, after year, after year. But we’re all so glad they did!

      Thank you, Bob, for your kind response to my quest for information! It is very helpful. Looking at the dates of the missing issues, there is really somewhat of a pattern suggesting that it took time to put together the summer, post-convention issues AND have a family life, too! That is certainly understandable!

      With appreciation,

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Dear Bell Friends,

      Since my original post regarding “holes” in my collection of Bell Towers, I have found another box of even older issues! (Mom became a member in the mid to late 1950s.) I’m pleasantly surprised because I suspect the collection is pretty complete except for these issues that probably weren’t printed in the first place. But, once again, I would like to verify, if possible, that these issues were not printed.

      Were the following issues printed?

      January 1970
      November 1970
      July 1967
      July 1966
      June 1965
      January 1964
      August 1964
      December 1964
      July 1963
      August 1963
      September 1962
      April 1961
      August 1969
      April 1958
      August 1958
      January 1957
      February 1957
      March 1957
      April 1957
      May 1957
      June 1957
      August 1957

      By the way, Bob, I have found the April and May 1972 issues. They were cleverly disguised as supplements (“Collectible Glass and Porcelain Bells” by Lenore and Curtis Hammond and “Carillons in the United States and Canada” by Louise Torrance)!

      Thanks for your help!


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