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      Louise Collins has passed away

      Received from Kathleen Collins with a request to let others know:

      Mum died early this morning (Dec. 28), collapsed yesterday as we were taking her to the hospital as she had not been eating or drinking for two days. They put her on life support but the prognosis was not good and she died around 4:00 a.m. today.

      Most members of the American Bell Association are aware of the gigantic contribution, for the good of the cause, made by members of the Collins family of Pennsylvania. Besides being ABA’s Corresponding Secretary from 1943 to 2008, Louise became the co-editor of our newsletter/magazine in 1942 and continued writing, typing, illustrating, printing, packaging, and mailing (mostly) monthly issues for the next 46 years! Fortunately, she had a devoted husband and many children to help her with the work! They didn’t have computers back in those days!

      A more comprehensive tribute to Louise Collins will appear in the March-April 2010 issue of The Bell Tower.

      Our sympathy is extended to the entire Collins family on the loss of their mother.

      Please feel free to post your memories of Louise.

      May she rest in peace.

      Admin (Carolyn)

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      My first ABA Convention was in 1968 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It was then that the face of Louise Collins was etched into my mind. She was the “grande dame” who led her family in a seemingly overwhelmingly huge task of creating and sending out the ABA’s monthly periodical! In my mind, Louise was “Mrs. ABA!”

      Throughout the years, Louise never forgot who I was and I never forgot her, of course. I don’t know how she found the time to keep up many correspondences, do so much work for charitable causes, produce The Bell Tower, and be the matriarch of a large family!

      Well into her 90s, Louise attended every ABA Convention! Her spirit will continue to attend them forevermore.

      As Bob Hope would say, “Thanks for the memories,” Louise. You’ve been a superior role model for us all. You have given the world of bell collecting so much and left us your wonderful and capable children and grandchildren to continue your legacy.

      Thank you,


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      Louise was the original “Multi-tasker”; she could simultaneously write a dozen personal letters, look at passing scenery from the moving car and carry on a conversation at the same time. She and Bob were very “Laid Back” and could entertain 30 ABA members from around the country, keep track of 7 kids and never get flustered. They always managed to pack the kids in the old station wagon, tie their luggage to the roof and get to the annual Convention on time. For those who knew Louise, they will remember her excentricities and how much the ABA has lost. Her nearly 50 years as Bell Tower Editor was extremely important to the growth and prosperity of the ABA as a collectors’ group in the 1950s-1970s. For those of us who knew her, her passing will leave a great hole in our lives. She and Bob are now together again and I’m sure will be looking down on the ABA with the love and support that they always exhibited in life. When Emil Huddy cast a “one of a kind bell” with a blacksmith forging a spear into a plowshare, he captured their love of al mankind perfectly. Louise, you will be missed more than you ever thought.
      Harry & Louise Long

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      Louise was the first person I met in ABA (as I am sure it was for many others.) I knew of Louise long before I met her personally from her long time friendship with my parents (Lee and June Arquette) and her letters back and forth with Mom for many years. She was ABA. She was so knoweledgable about bells and bell collecting. Yet down to earth – modest and humble. She will be missed! Our condolences to her family! God Bless you and we will keep you in our prayers. Bellfully, Joel and Chris Perrino

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      Neil Goeppinger

      We will all miss Louise. When I first wrote to ABA about joining (prior to the internet), Louise answered my letter. In my next letter I told her about my special interest in large bells and told her the foundries I knew of, and asked if she knew of any others? I’m sure she did, but instead she put my inquiry in the next Bell Tower, and the replies started rolling in. She knew if she answered, I would continue to have one ABA contact, but with her action, I soon had lots of ABA contacts and the networking had begun. She truely knew how to make newcomers to ABA feel welcome and included. ABA is sort of a click – a huge loving wonderful click of some of the nicest people, and none was nicer than Louise. She made me feel welcome in the beginning, and Ginny and I have felt welcome ever since.

      One of my fondest memories of Louise was at the Vermont convention on the final night. The resort had a combo playing and Louise walked across the dance floor on her way to the hallway to her room (I thought), when she paused on the dance floor and started swaying to the music. I couldn’t get up fast enough to dance with her. Fortunatly, her daughter had a camera and took a picture of us. To this day, that picture is framed on my office wall next to pictures of my parents.

      I doubt new members of ABA will read this, but if you do and you don’t understand why there is no mention of bells, it is because even though we all love bells, we come to love each other as well. May God’s love now be with Louise, and may the love of all ABA members be with her family as they go through their loss. Our love to all of you. — Neil and Ginny Goeppinger

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      Charles Romero has asked me to post this tribute to Louise for him:

      I just finished reading the article on Louise Collins (RIP). I just checked out my three Blue covered ABA H/B Volumes & the 1970 25th Anniversary issue @ the very back, there is a beautiful photo of Louise Collins! I purchased these 3 volumes @ a Thrift Shop about 1994+/-.

      Just out of the blue I asked a friend last year to look-up ABA on his computer, & lo & behold, bingo! I hit the jack-pot! We found the web site (ABA) right away! I purchased my own P. C. & what wonders the Worldwide web has shown me! I have been in contact with bell collectors in England, Canada, & Australia, the land down under… I am a 1+ year member of ABA & I have learned so much about bronze bells thru reading the Bell Talk. So without Louise helping to publish these Hardback ABA volumes, I may never of found out about the ABA.

      Please extend my condolences to her family & May She Rest In Peace! My Prayer & Best Wishes to all of her family!

      Also the articles on Cast Iron bells I will run thru real fast because I do not collect them. All articles on bronze ship & church bells have my attention & interest! Bronze ship bells are my favorites!

      I just rang one of my bronze USN ship bells in Louise Collins’ honor & I am sure she heard the 🙂 two beautiful loud peals!

      Best Wishes,
      Charles Duane Romero in So. California…

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      Betty Wright

      I first “heard” of Louise Collins when I purchased a string of Sarna Bells in Myrtle Beach in 1977. There
      was a tag on the bells telling about the ABA and that Louise Collins was the one to write to for further
      information. I did so and she replied very quickly and informed me of a Chapter in my area, DiMarVA.
      She also wrote to Marjorie Glassco telling her of my inquiry. That was in August and in September, I
      attended my first meeting! She truly was a “guiding light!” I believe the membership dues were $5.00!
      Betty Wright

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