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      This comment was posted on one of our American Bell Association members’ Facebook pages. She lives in the UK and is a member of the Bell Collector’s of the Briitish Isle ABA chapter:

      I wish everyone ringing a bell was a collector and would join the Bell Collectors of the British Isles, and the American Bell Association.


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      Everyone seems to be taking part in the mass bell-ringing heralding in the 2012 Olympic games being held in the UK.

      Read all about UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s incident when ringing his bell!


      Rona Kesselman
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      Big Ben chimes to celebrate London 2012 Olympic Games

      This is the first time since 1952 that Big Bend has sounded “off the hour”.


      Let the GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!

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      Berwick Celtic war horn joins Olympic bell ringing


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      Carolyn Whitlock

      The New Olympic Bell

      by Carl Scott Zimmerman

      Those who watch tomorrow’s opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London can expect to hear the sound of the Olympic Bell which was commissioned for this purpose. At 23 tonnes, it has (arguably) taken the record as the heaviest bell in Europe. It certainly is now the largest bell in Great Britain. And since it is also reported to have been tuned, it takes from Riverside Church NYC the record for largest tuned bell in the world, though Riverside retains the record for the heaviest carillon bell in the world.

      There has been a bit of controversy about the origin of the Olympic Bell. The London Organizing Committee was supposedly trying to maximize the amount of products of UK origin used. So they contracted production of this bell through the famous Whitechapel bellfoundry. But since Whitechapel doesn’t have the foundry capacity for a bell this size, they subcontracted the actual casting to a Dutch firm, possibly the same ship-propellor foundry which has cast huge single bells for other bellfoundries in recent years. Since the Taylor bellfoundry of England does have the capacity (though they haven’t used its full extent for over a century), there’s been some uproar over that. The LOC has apologized to Taylor for irregularities in the contracting process, apparently.

      So keep your ears open tomorrow, as well as your eyes!

      Carl Scott Zimmerman, Campanologist
      Webmaster: http://www.TowerBells.org
      E-mail: csz_stl@swbell.net
      Saint Louis, Missouri, USA – 19th c. home of at least 35 bell foundries or resellers

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      What great fun to have rung the bells today in celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games in Great Britain!

      Go to: http://www.allthebells.com enter the site and click on the video!

      (place your cursor on any of the bells at the intro page and hear all the wonderful sounds of bells)

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      Here is a great picture showing how enormous this bell is!


      The Olympic opening ceremony was titled the Isles of Wonder and the inscription reads “Be not afraid, the isle is full of noises.” The quotation comes from Caliban in Shakespeare’s Tempest. The bell was rung by Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins.

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