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      ovidiu oana

      Beautiful selection of Venetian Masks, Italian masks, costume ball masks, masquerade masks, wedding and bridal masks, Carnival masks, Mardi Gras masks, high end masks, metal masks, sweet 16 masks, prom masks, Halloween masks and mask collections for all masquerade party planning needs. Enjoy viewing our wide variety of masks imported from and handmade in the traditional spirit of Venice, Italy.
      (see photo 1)

      more about maskstory you can find at:

      Jester = mask with bells

      Jester, or Jolly as a female variant, is a specific type of clown mostly associated with the Middle Ages. Starting in Italy, Jester moved into all of Europe, influencing theatre in Spain, Holland, Germany, Austria, England, and especially, France.
      The origins of the Jester are said to have been in prehistoric Western tribal society. Pliny the Elder mentions a royal Jester (planus regius) when recounting Apelles’ visit to the palace of the Hellenistic King Ptolemy I. However, Jesters are mainly thought of in association with the European Middle Ages. Jester was symbolic twin of the king. All Jesters and fools in those days were thought of as special cases whom God had touched with a childlike madness—a gift, or perhaps a curse. Mentally handicapped people sometimes found employment by capering and behaving in an amusing way. In the harsh world of medieval Europe, people who might not be able to survive any other way thus found a social niche.
      Jesters typically wore brightly colored clothing in a motley pattern. Their hats were especially distinctive; made of cloth, they were floppy with three points, each of which had a jingle bell at the end. The three points of the hat represent the asses’ ears and tail worn by jesters in earlier times. Other things distinctive about the jester were his incessant laughter and his mock scepter, known as a bauble or marotte.

      Other name: Joker, Fool, Buffoon / Boufon, Narr / Naaror, Juglar.

      Such mask as above, named MASCHERA DEL GALEONE, I added to my collection this days.
      It It was produced in Venice, Italy but is only a sample 15 cm high, I took it as an illustrative one.

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