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      You may have seen that Manfred posted an ivory bell push of a Geisha as his March Bell of the Month. It occurs to me that many viewers have good quality Asian bells that others might enjoy seeing. I will begin the process here and encourage others to augment the posting.

      I myself cannot distinguish between Chinese and Japanese, but the first four figures will be from that area, and the last two from India. (I have mentioned previously that I have a great distrust of Asian bells with all the poor quality modern reproductions flooding the market, but I am satisfied that these are genuine antiques.)

      The first two are a man with staff, carrying a frog on his head, and a lady. Both are bronze, 6 in (15 cm), the man with a dark patina and the lady with a gilt finish. These are from the same series as two of the Oni bells shown previously in the Devils and Demons topic. The third is a man seated on a pagoda (bronze, 4 in,10 cm). The fourth is a rather curious bell of a man with crooked fingers, crouching on a ball (bronze, 5 in, 13 cm). There are three heads and pairs of hands protruding from the base.

      The fifth figure is a wind-up mechanical of French manufacture (J.P. Dit Electrique, bronze figure, brass gilt bell, total height 5 in, 13 cm). The button for activation is at the top of the turban. There would normally be a metal base, but it was missing and I had to construct my own. This is a fairly common mechanical bell, but all the others I have seen have a simple button. This is the only one I have seen with a figure. (The feet shown on the bell in photo 6 are not usually found.) The sixth figure is Krishna with his flute in the common threefold pose (brass, 6 in, 15 cm, with antiquities seal).

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      Wonderful bells, Alan.

      Thanks for showing them. They are completely new to me.

      I have only 2 from India in my collection but they are far from the quality of yours.

      You probably saw them in my homepage.

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