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      I have done some reading while researching the bell that is at my church and found that if it has C.S. Bell on it then it was manufactured between certain years and the date should be on the underside of the bell. If I remember correctly it should be a 2 digit month, 2 digit day, and 2 digit year. With some help, I have turned the bell over and I see “430089.” The “4” that it begins with is the easiest number to read, and im certain the 89 or 99 on the end is correct. The numbers in the middle are a little hard to read but I have scratched them with a pencil and paper and run water over them and thats what I come up with. That does not however fit the format. This bell has “30 yoke” on it, also has CS Bell and “Hillsboro O.” on the other side. It also has “30 Upright” on the legs that it stands on.

      As for the bell itself, it was moved from inside a tower behind the church in the early 80’s, to the church yard when we built a new station.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Willie B. Herd

      It’s possible the numbers are casting #’s….IF they are, they should be close to the numbers on the yoke, hardware, etc. (IF there are any.) Try a magnifying glass.

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      If there is a date on the inside of the bell, exactly where would it be and how big would the characters be? We have two old bells that don’t seem to have interior characters, but the corrosion is pretty bad. Just wondering how hard I should look!

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