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      Peter Hyde

      It is a while since I posted so thought I would offer a few thoughts. I have collected things all my life. But I never stand still. So collections have come and gone. Thank goodness! Much as I love collecting I refuse to allow my home to be overwhelmed by too much clutter. My bells have lasted the longest of all my collecting passions. But I am constantly reviewing and selling to make room for new additions. As I get older I am ever mindful of the problems I might leave if I pass away suddenly so I like to keep records that will enable my collection to be passed on or sold without too much trouble to anyone. When I hear of people whose collections number hundreds or thousands I wonder what they have done to ensure their collections are not another person’s nightmare.
      As far as my collection is concerned I am tending to focus on Whitechapel bells. I recently collected from the foundry a little Big Ben replica which I will add to my blog.I will post a link here. My team Pompey won the FA Cup on 17 May (The equivalent of Superbowl for my American friends) I have commissioned an 8 inch handled bell from Whitechapel to be suitably engraved to mark the occasion. Another blog addition in due course.
      Meanwhile I continue to keep my bells clean and bright, give each of them an occasional ring and enjoy being alive to see them.

      Regards to all

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      Hi, Peter! Nice to hear from you again!

      You said:

      When I hear of people whose collections number hundreds or thousands I wonder what they have done to ensure their collections are not another person’s nightmare.

      You have raised a good point. I think all of us wish we had the security of having at least one child who would like to inherit our collection but that isn’t a reality for many. I hope lots of people respond to your posting and share their thoughts with us all.

      One of the most common questions I get as the Internet Coordinator comes from people who have inherited a collection that they would like to sell. They have no idea of the value (of course, we all want to believe our collections are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) and hope we can tell them how much to ask for the collection and where they can sell it. Some even hope we will buy their collection or find a buyer for them.

      I have a list of suggestions that I send to these people. In brief, I tell them:

        1. There is a wonderful article about “Breaking Up a Collection they should read at
        2. The New England Chapter collects donations of souvenir bells from the different United States and I tell them who to contact about donating their bells.
        3. How to contact an ABA chapter in their area to donate the collection to be sold for the benefit of the chapter.
        4. How to advertise their collection for sale in The Bell Tower.
        5. They can post a request for an appraisal on the “Bell Talk” Forum and send them directions on how to do that.

      My thought is that if people don’t want to go to the work of researching the value of the bells and/or list them on an auction website, etc., it is better to give away a collection than to throw it away!


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      There will be a presentation at this year’s ABA Convention on “Selling a Collection,” and some of the people who help in that process will be in attendance. It’s not too late to register:

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