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      I sell these common Swiss bells for mull packing in the wilderness. Used on the lead horse or mull to keep track of while grazing. Anyways, I had a customer ask me where they are made and who is the manufacture. Can you help?

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      Wow. Turned out to be an interesting project.

      I have been doing some research on it, and it’s taken me all the way to Switzerland! I have been in contact with a very nice lady named Marlene Wissiak who works in the Government office to do with manufacturers in Switzerland. She has very kindly supplied this answer for us

      “Mrs. Kern, from Glockengiesserei Berger, tells, that the first bell from your pictures is a bell they produce. Please find the link to their homepage below on their answer. If we will receive any other answer I will send it to you immediately. Perhaps you will also hear directly from a bellmaker. But unfortunately there aren’t a lot of bellmakers anymore in Switzerland.”

      As Mrs. Kern’s reply, when translated, says the same thing as Marlene’s response, I didn’t bother adding it here.

      The link she supplied showing the bell is:


      Hope that answers your question! I’ll let you know if I find out anything more.

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      That bell was made in 2009.
      It is a common bell for a calf here in Switzerland.


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