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      I am new to this site. A few years ago my grandmother gave me a cast iron dinner bell. We would like to hang it but it has no clapper (gong? dinger?)
      It is 14 inches wide at the base and 8 & 1/4 inches tall. On the outside it reads “A-1”. I can post a picture if needed.
      Any help would be much appreciated so that I can “call” my 5 year old home for dinner this summer…thanks.

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      I suspect that you will have difficulty finding an original yoke and bracket for your bell. It is rather small, and you might be able to obtain a suitable clapper, yoke and pole mounted bracket from Prindle Station. You could also have an “A” frame mounting manufactured by a metal fabricator in your area that would lif the bell above the base. The fabricator could also weld a steel ball to a rod and make a clapper for you. The clapper should strike the thickest part of the skirt. Good luck.

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      Mounting the bell can be as easy as suspending it by the two rings on the top.

      If you measure the distance between the Clevice (part that hangs down to hold the clapper shaft) to the strike point you can have someone make a new clapper for you. Here is a simple picture showing what hjlong3 meant. The cross section is of a bronze bell, but the idea is the same, the strike point should be where the inside of the bell makes its final curve toward the lip, at the thickest part

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