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      How many bell foundrys were in Louisville? I mentioned about a fancy ornamental wheel on a bell i once saw and mightve gotten it mixed up with st louis. If anyone knows such a foundry that made their bell wheels with fancy vines etc on the wheel Let me know.

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      Neil Goeppinger

      I believe W. Kaye was in Louisville. — Neil

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      William Kaye cast bells in Louisville from 1841 to 1889. (He was also mayor of the city for a few years!)

      Other Louisville bellfounders include the following:

      Louisville Foundry (L.M.Ricketts et al), 1836-46 *

      Phoenix Foundry (Wm. Grainger), 1836-46 *

      William Collingridge (Kentucky Brass & Bell Foundry), 1838-44
      Joseph Collingridge, 1844
      Collingridge, Lawson & Co., 1844
      Lawson & Frank, 1848-52

      Charles Schoening, 1855 *

      Kentucky Bell Co., 1888-89 *

      Onion Bell Foundry (dates unknown)

      The foundries which are starred (*) may have operated for longer periods than I have shown. Research is incomplete.

      One J.Collingridge bell and two or three William Kaye bells have been found in the St.Louis area. But they don’t have the fancy ornamented wheel that nightflier51 described.

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