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      bell people, i need your help please.
      need information that may help find a locomotive bell.
      the bell was mounted on a wooden frame and engraved hinker bell
      presented by john hinker
      also engraved would be escanaba and menominee high schools .
      these two schools played the game of football for this trophy from 1947-1962 when it came up missing.
      these schools are located in U.P. MICHIGAN
      someone may remember this bell . no one will be in trouble for having it . we just want to find it.
      its been missing for about 47 years
      may be someone reconditioned it, or just remembers the engravings.
      please contact me if you have any info- 715-547-6249

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Have you tried contacting your local newspaper about your efforts to locate this bell? This would make a great “human interest” story! Also, if the bell was stolen that many years ago, it may be that the novelty of ownership has now worn off and the person who has it may no longer want it but doesn’t know what to do with it.

      Good luck!

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      yes , the escanaba daily press is running a story about the hinker bell trophy soon. menominee news paper has wrote many stories in the past with no results. we are hope ful.
      these old logging locomotive bells are big with the r.r collectors, and this one is on a wooden mount nicely done, where the bell will still ring. then with the engravings ! a collector may be sitting tight on it. but we have made this story well known! and at some time someone , somewhere, is going to have the information we are waiting for. we are hopeful. thanks!tim

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