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      I have a 21 1/4″ W.T.Garratt bell, with an 1885 date, complete with original yoke, wheel, etc. Garrett was a San Francisco foundry during the California gold rush era with a broad product line ranging from church bells, valves, pumps, fire extinguishers, to pipe and fittings. The Garratt foundry also cast at least one of the gold spikes used in the 1869 railroad ceremony at Promontory Point in Utah.

      This bell was probably a church bell which didn’t get too far away from the foundry. Except for the previous information, I have been unable to research the history of this bell as provenance has been lost and I have not been able to locate the foundry records.

      Does anyone have records information on the W.T.Garratt foundry or perhaps can possibly point me in the right direction for further research?

      Thanks in advance!
      Chuck Schoppe
      Los Gatos, CA

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      Stuart Cole

      Recently purchased bell seeking information – was told it was a train bell but found to possibly a church bell?? Looking for information on bell and foundry.

      Stuart Cole

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      jeff garratt


      My name is Jeff Garratt. While I do not have foundry records, I can tell you that I am a relative of W. T. Garratt. I have a few small bells, and a steam whistle.

      I would be happy to help you in any way I can to get more information as it would help me in learning more about my family.

      The W. T. Garratt brass and bell foundry was located on Folsom St. at Fremont St. (about three blocks from the Embarcadero) in downtown SF. The big brass fence surrounding the Millionaires Club (across form the Masonic Auditorium and the Mark Hopkins) is a W. T. Garratt fence. There are many bells in the area, but none for sale.

      You can call me at (650) 270-5219 if you would like to talk and I will tell you what I know.

      Thanks, Jeff Garratt

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      Paul Eldredge Smith

      You can find all the information I have on W. T. Garratt, the man and the foundry, by going to http://www.rootsweb.com, searching William Thompson Garratt (1829-1890), and clicking the “Leola” entry.

      William Thompson Garratt was my gg grandfather, and I collect everything I find on him.

      All foundry records before May 18, 1906 probably perished in the Earthquake and Fire, but I should love to be proved wrong.

      Paul Eldredge Smith

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      I am the great granddaughter of W.T. Garratt and I know where there are bells. You may email me at patchofcalifornia@gmail.com especially if you too are related to this man. I would love to hear from you.

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      I have recently acquired a large hard covered book (402 pages)by W.T.Garrett dated 1899. It is an illustrated catalogue of pumping and hydraulic machinery, brass & iron goods, pipe & pipe fittings. Is this of any use to anyone?

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      I also have a large bell that was donated to our church and am looking for similar information. Were you
      able to obtain anymore information. Our bell was cast in 1876 by W.T. Garratt in San Francisco, but I do not have
      too much more information than what you have on your bell. Can you share what you found with us pleas.
      OLL Church

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