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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Robert in South Carolina asks the ABA:

      Our Church has a Vanduzen and Tift bell (1876) that someone “told” someone else, a long time ago, that a previous pastor brought the bell to our Church from Italy. Where might I find records from Vanduzen and Tift to find when/where the bell was originally purchased from them?

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      Robert: All the Buckeye Bell Foundry (G W Coffin, Vanduzen & Tift, E W Vanduzen) records were destroyed by the Ohio River flood in January 1937. What records remain are from after the flood until the foundry closed in 1951. I doubt your bell was ever in Italy There were numerous bell foundries in Europe in the 19th century and It’s unlikely a bell would have been purchased from Cincinnati and shipped thousands of miles. Perhaps the preacher purchased the bell after coming here from Italy. If your church has saved records from that far back there might be a bill of sale.

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