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      Hello to all and anyone whom may be able to help. I picked up some bells awhile back that I thought were really interesting, and was wondering if anyone could help with the type they are, the origin, or any type of information that may help me understand them more clearly.
      There are seven total that seem to belong to a set, although Im sure they are not complete, because they are numbered from 7 the smallest to 16 the largest. They all have the letters IHS as seen in the picture, they all have a symbol of Jesus on the cross, the largest has a symbol of whom I beleive to be mary while all the others have a symbol of a face of whom Im not sure, so I assume they belonged to a church at one time. The smallest is about three inches high while the largest is about eight. I would appreciate any help on these, thanks, Gerry
      tried to upload pictures could not would be glad to send them to someone if needed to help thanks

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      Carolyn Whitlock

      Did you follow the directions for posting pictures? viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3776&p=7027&hilit=Uploading+pictures#p7027

      We really need to see what you’ve got in order for anyone to help you.

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