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      The story that goes with this bell is that it was 300 yrs old when donated to a local Cemetery in 1938.
      I know the bracket is not the correct for the bell..I believe it does predate Civil War due to the droop winged eagle
      The lettering i believe say J.Sheriff & Co Pittsburg Front St.
      Any help would be most appreciated

      Thanks Jeff

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      John Sheriff & Co. were bell and brass founders in Pittsburgh, PA. They were located on Front Street in 1847, and possibly for a year or two before and after that. (By 1850, they had moved elsewhere.) So in 1938 this bell was nearly 100 years old, but certainly not 300.

      The yoke and fork on which this bell is hung came from elsewhere at a much later date, possibly at the time it was placed in the cemetery.

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      Thanks for your help carl

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