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      I’m a newbie and may not have all of the terminology right. I bought this bell at an antiques mall in Detroit.

      The bell is nickle-plated brass (bronze?) and the handle is machined out of solid steel. The nut that holds the handle is castellated and the handle is cross drilled so that the wire holding the clapper also locks the nut.

      The clapper has a 3/4 inch steel ball mounted on 1/8 inch steel rod.

      There is a string of numbers stamped on the bell and most of the stamping has been polished off. The tail end of the string of numbers (the most visible part) ends with “1915 6-26-1917”. The 1917 date coincides with the arrival of the American Expeditionary forces in France (and is also apparently the date that Eddie Rickenbacker arrived in France). Just above and parallel to the legible date it has “OHIO” stamped.

      The mouth is just under 6 inches across and it measures about 9 inches from the mouth to the top of the handle.
      It weighs about 3 pounds.

      I’ve emailed the curator at the Independence Seaport and his opinion is that it’s not Navy (doesn’t meet Navy specs).

      Any information that could be provided would be very welcome.

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