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      Hi — can someone help me identify anything about a wind-bell chime?

      A friend of mine’s former husband collected bells. She can no longer see (she’s 90 with macular degeneration) and knows nothing of her husband’s bells. She has some on display but found this sort of weird looking chime stored in a basement box. Might be just an old nondescript chime but it seemed sort of unusual compared to others in his collection.

      It looks handmade and I thought it looked of foreign origin. He would have acquired it a good 50 years ago. There’s a carved inscription on top that appears to be “IRAN” or “IRAH.” Not sure of the metal (brass or copper?) The top bell is about 6-7 inches tall. The bottom skirt is not round but oval (about 3.75 x 4.75 inches.) The total length of the chimes is about 13-14 inches. You can see pics at



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      This is not a windchime; it is a camel bell. It is from Iran. It is designed to hang around the neck of a camel and rings melodically as the camel walks. Tradition states that each time a female camel has a calf, a new bell is added to the set, although this is probably fable. This is a beautiful bell. It was probably made within the past 50 years since it is labeled Iran and not Persia.
      Harry Long, MD

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      Harry — thanks for that info. A Google search produced a few pictures of camel bells but these seem fairly elaborate and ornate compared to most. My friend was going to give these away but now she’ll keep them. Or maybe I’ll ask her if I can keep them 😉

      Thom Phillips

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