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      I am looking for foundry info and when this bell was made. It is an iron bell. I don’t know much about it. It was purchased by my maternal grandfather (in the 1950’s – 60’s) in Wisconsin from a defunct church. On top of the yoke it is cast: CIN BELL CO on the standard near the bearing is the number 34 and the clapper has cast number 32.

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      CIN BELL CO is an abbreviation for the Cincinnati Bell Foundry Company, which was in operation from 1885 to 1925. Your bell appears to be a typical example of their work, though it is unusual to see a mismatch between the part numbers, all of which should refer to the approximate diameter of the bell itself. I know of no way to determine when one of their bells was made.

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      Thanks for the info. It has doubled my knowledge about tbis bell!

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      Curious to know the actual diameter of your Cinn bell. I would guess 32″ +/-.
      Is the distinctive, ornate, and fragile wheel missing?
      If so, this is a clue as to the fate of the bell and the demand for a marriage of parts to keep it in commission after a fall and breakage.
      As the imminent Mr Zimmerman notes, the mixed marriage of parts is not common, although neccesity often dictates such when parts are broken or missing.
      Good to see (and hear) the bell in use.

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      I looked at the other side of the clapper and it has 34 in the casting. So 32 on one side and 34 on the other side. The diameter is just under 34″. I do have the wooden wheel but it is not ornate by any means.
      Now I have to start the process of cleaning, painting and restoring!

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